Located at the heart of east China, Kunshan Bonded Logistics Zone approximates Wujiang, Wuxi, Ningbo, and Shanghai with a high population of business firms from Taiwan and foreign countries. In 2008, this zone had its bonded logistics function fortified and expanded, including a distribution center of electronic products and key components and parts, international procurement and distribution center (divided into a distribution center of imported goods for domestic sales and a distribution center for the purchase of domestic goods for export), an exhibition center for imported goods to China, and post-sale service center. In addition, there is the policy for preferential treatment of a number of dutiable items, which makes this bonded zone a unique choice in east China with warehousing and logistics services. China Link has established a logistics company in the zone to provide bonded and logistics warehouse equipment, management, software and policy service for assisting the firms in east China in storage, transport, customs declaration and import and export.

1.International Trans-shipment
The disassembling and assembling of bonded goods of domestic and foreign goods for import and export and trans-shipment to other domestic and foreign destination ports.
2.International Delivery
Sorting, allocation, distribution, and delivery of imported bonded goods, or proceeding to value-adding processing for delivery to domestic and foreign destinations.
3.International Purchase
The procurement of foreign goods in the zone and imported bonded goods for combined processing and value-adding before distribution to domestic and foreign destinations.
4.International Transit Trade
Provide transit trade service for domestic enterprises.
5.Repair and Inspection
Provide Repair and inspection service for domestic and foreign enterprises.